Way Too Many Ways to Make More Money

This is a page that will be updated periodically. It is a list to get your brain thinking of ways to make more money. Not all of these will apply to everyone or every location. Some will take a little money or a special skill to start. There is no way I could every cover every possible way to make money, so this is just to get you thinking. Let me know in the comments or in email other ways you know of to make money and I’ll add them to the list. If you do try any of these leave comments to let us all know how it worked for you. I haven’t tried them all so I can’t say how practical each would be.


If you’re already working.

Get a new job. This is the most common way people increase their income. If you have a job you have a skill. You might be able to find someone else that will pay you more for that skill. This is especially true if you just completed a training program or school. Many experts also recommend going on several interviews a year even if you don’t plan to change jobs. That way if you do find an opportunity you can jump on it. It also helps you keep an idea of what the market is paying for your skill set.

Ask for a raise. This can be difficult. But before you ask for it earn it. You can even talk to your boss about what it takes to get a raise. Then do it. There will usually be specific things. In general though you can also take on more responsibility and help your supervisor do his job easier. These kinds of things make you more valuable and make it easier for you to justify a raise.

Take on new projects.

Earn a promotion. This can be difficult also, but chances are your boss makes more than you. If so earning a promotion may be a good way to increase your income. Talk to your boss. Or perhaps your boss’s boss about what they want to see you do to promote you. Then work hard to do it. It may mean adding to your skill set or meeting other goals. It could also mean taking on more responsibility. This could earn you the promotion or at the very least show the company that you’re worth more than you’re being paid. You can use that to get a raise.

Increase your skills. This can mean going back to school, earning a new certification or taking continuing education classes to add a new skill. These kinds of things make you more valuable to your current employer. They also open doors to higher paying jobs. Getting a college degree is one of the most well-known ways to do this. Just do your research. Make sure that employers are looking for people with that degree or that skill set.


Second Job.

Get a job someplace you like to shop. This is one of my favorites. I never thought about it until I was working a software store. There was a police officer that would come in on his off hours and work a few hours a week. It gave him a few extra bucks in his pocket and also saved him money on the games he liked to buy. You can do this in your own life. Do you find yourself shopping someplace regularly? See if they have openings for part time.

Get a temp job.

Seasonal work. Seasonal work is when you get a job helping out a company during their busy season knowing the job will end at the end of the season. These are available year round depending on where you live and what you can do. One of the most common seasonal jobs is working retail during the busy holiday season. Not only retail, but also shipping companies and many others hire seasonal workers. You can also find seasonal work at theme parks, ski slopes and other seasonal entertainment locations. People spend their money year round. Look for where everyone is flocking during that time of the year to find a seasonal job.


Teach continuing ED classes.

Teach college courses. Do you have a college degree? You can go back and teach college classes. This usually requires a masters, but not always. Sometimes expertise in a field is all that is required. College courses are frequently taught by adjunct professors that teach courses on the side. This can be done in the classroom or online. Every school has their own requirements. Check with each one in your area or online ones that you’d like to work for to see what their requirements are. Apply to a few of them to broaden your base.

Mystery shop.


Side service jobs almost anyone can do.

Walk dogs.

Drive for Uber or Lyft.

Wash cars.



Clean up after dogs.

Give tours.

Clean houses or businesses.

Be a medical test subject.

House sit.


Put your skills to work.

Be a consultant in your field of expertise.

Photograph parties.

Play music at parties.


Be a tutor.

Be a translator.

Fix things (Cars, computers, appliances, houses).

Be a street performer.


Sell stuff.

Buy stuff at thrift stores and garage sales to resale.

Sell your old stuff on sites like eBay.

Sell stuff you make.

Sell rights to your photos.

Collect scrap metal to sell.

Sell plasma, eggs, sperm or hair.


Put your unused stuff to work.

Rent out your car when you don’t need it.

Rent out a room.

Rent out a house.


Do stuff online.

Be in a focus group.

Get paid to do surveys.

Online tasks.

Get paid to search.

Start a website.


Shady stuff to do for money.

These are ways that some people might find questionable. But people are making money doing these things.

Rent a friend.

Ask for money on crowd funding websites.

Sell your underwear online.

Beg for money on the street.


Other stuff.

Find unclaimed money that’s owed to you.

Monetize a hobby.

Smart phone apps.