Sometimes it seems like just yesterday, and sometimes it seems like a long time ago. But when I started on this journey I had a negative net worth. I owed people more money than I had. Yup I added it up. If I sold everything I owned I wouldn’t be able to pay my debts. I wasn’t making much money, and perhaps I spent money on things I shouldn’t. When I looked at that I knew it wouldn’t work. I knew I couldn’t do that for much longer.


So, I decided something had to change. So over the years I fixed my income, I fixed my debt, and though I’m far from rich, I’m on my way to gaining financial security. That took a lot of effort. I spent time reading and trying new things. I failed a lot, but I learned more and eventually had more successes than failures. A lot of what I learned came from reading books and the blogs written by people that had been where I’d been. That’s where I think that anyone struggling with money should start. Learn from those that have been there.


One thing I did find difficult though is that a lot of blogs and books are written for people that already make good money. They help people refine and get better. But they assume you’re starting a bit further along than I knew I was. I had to fill in a lot of those gaps in other ways. Some of that by asking questions and learning from people that have been there.


So what does this mean for you? Well, this means we know how you feel. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or you’ve been working on it for a while. We’ve been there. Here you’ll find information on how to start out. You’ll also learn how to put some of these ideas to work for you. We’ll share our failures, so you can learn to avoid them. We’ll also share what we’ve learned since starting out so wherever you are in your journey you’ll be able to make things easier.


Learning about money isn’t hard. Sometimes it takes work follow through with what you learn, but anyone can do it. No matter where you’re starting from it is possible to get better. Even if you have nothing now it is possible to retire given time and effort. Retirement is Possible.


We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned and learning with you as we move forward. If there is anything in particular that you want to hear about email us or post it in the comments.